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Plan OF Action
Montana Jaycees 222 2nd St SW Sidney, MT 59270 Hello Montana Jaycees! My name is Harleigh Manley, and I am so excited to be your 84th State President! In 2023 we are going to focus on looking forward and building the best possible groundwork for future Montana Jaycees to succeed. My motto for 2023, Team of Tomorrow, is based on the belief of leaving things better than you found them. For those of you who are just meeting me, a little background on my Jaycee career, I have been a member since April of 2014 of the Sidney chapter. I have held many local positions, four previous state board positions, including Management, Community, IDVP, and Vice President. Outside of the Jaycees I am a Marketing Executive for my local radio station, a small business owner, a mom of two wonderful boys, and a demolition derby junkie. My goals for the state this year are to build new partnerships, rebuild broken partnerships, and encourage more member engagement throughout the state. This will very much be a group effort from not only the State Board but YOU as members as well. My biggest personal goal this year is to remind all of you that the State Board is here to serve our members, not the other way around. I look forward to meeting all of you this year and building a better tomorrow by pushing our potential in 2023! Harleigh Manley 84th Montana Jaycees State President 2023 Montana Jaycees Board of Directors Mission & Vision of the Montana Jaycees Mission: To provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change. Vision: To be the leading global network of active young citizens. About the Jaycees: The Montana Jaycees (members of the United States Junior Chamber and Junior Chamber International) exists for active young citizens ages 18 to 40, who bring energy and insight to solving problems locally and around the world. They believe they can and should address the needs of others. Our members can be found in all walks of life (and more than 100 countries), but they have important character traits in common: passion for making a difference, interest in being part of something bigger than themselves, and a desire to grow and expand their horizons by being active in the community Goals Building member relations and involvement Building new partnerships and rebuilding broken ones Building Member Relations and Involvement Member involvement is imperative to any organization functioning properly, but is even more so in the Jaycees. Our members are the most important part of our organization and having them actively involved in decision making is of utmost importance to the 2023 BOD. How will this be accomplished? Monthly chapter liaison check ins These can be done via email, phone call, zoom, or text. Statewide calendar will be updated quarterly Offering surveys to Montana members Utilizing Glue-Up for contact information as well as chapter presidents Goal of January 31st for the first survey to be out This will help the State put together trainings and events that are geared towards the interest of our members Providing digital access for BOD meetings & trainings Having a digital option for joining in person BOD meetings will increase the membership able to voice opinions. Digital options for trainings will give more value to our members This will also create a better collaboration between the BOD and the general membership. Building new and rebuilding broken partnerships Partnerships will not only provide new outlooks for us, they also open new doors of opportunity. The 2023 BOD is focused on building partnerships to harbor better relationships while simultaneously achieving our mission and vision. How will this be accomplished? Finding prospective organizations to partner with A goal of 3 prospective organizations by April 30th Having one new partnership finalized by August 31st One meeting per quarter between the MT Senate and BOD Finding out who the senate president is -Harleigh This will provide a connection for our Senators to feel welcome at state and local events and functions Creating a statewide calendar Adding this as a page on the state website This calendar would include local events, state events, and national events in one place.
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